Saturday, October 29, 2016

Exposing Hillary #12: Don't Uncork the Champagne Quite Yet

Well, well, well guess I’m back!

Honestly, I was astonished at the reopening of the Clinton e-mail investigation and ecstatic.  I truly think Comey’s conscience got the better of him after acquiescing to political pressure by failing to move forward with Hillary’s indictment the first time.

The Clinton Cartel is attempting to downplay the investigation by claiming Comey’s explanation does not specifically point the finger at Hillary.  What?  How can they say that?  The investigation was ABOUT Hillary.   What I also find interesting is that now Comey is doing the right thing, the Clinton Cartel is crying, “foul!”   

I think it’s time for everyone to take a good, hard look at who we want in the White House and remember the charges Hillary is facing:

  1. 18 USC 1343 – Bribery
  2. 18 USC 208 – Acts Affecting a Personal Financial Interest
  3. 18 USC 371 – Conspiracy
  4. 18 USC 1001 – False Statements
  5. 18 USC 1342 – Frauds and Swindles (Mail Fraud)
  6. 18 USC 1343 – Fraud by Wire
  7. 18 USC 1349 – Attempt and Conspiracy (To Commit Fraud)
  8. 18 USC 1505 – Obstruction of Justice
  9. 18 USC 1519 – Destruction (Alteration or Falsification) of Records in Federal Investigations or/and Bankruptcy
  10. 18 USC 1621 – Perjury (Including Documents signed Under Penalty of Perjury)
  11. 18 USC 1905 – Disclosure of Confidential Information
  12. 18 USC 1924 – Unauthorized Removal and Retention of Classified Documents or Materials
  13. 18 USC 2071 – Concealment (Removal or Mutilation) of Government Records
  14. 18 USC 7201 – Attempt to Evade a Tax (Use of Clinton Foundation Funds for Personal or Political Purposes).
  15. 18 USC 7212 – Attempts to Interfere with Administration of Internal Revenue Laws

And, remember.  After Comey had decided not to pursue an indictment, he did admit to the oversight committee that Hillary lied to the FBI and did, in fact, transmit confidential, classified and top-secret information through her private, unsecured server.
The good news is that even though mainstream media is still biased against Mr. Trump, they are starting to temper their support for Clinton by finally reporting the truth.  Even members of the Democratic party are backing away; they don’t want their personal campaigns tarnished.

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