Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Exposing Hillary #11: Points to Ponder

I said I had finished with my political posts, but needed to do one more....in hopes of promoting the use of common sense and logic.

Points to ponder
before going to the polls:

  1. Donald Trump has made some distasteful remarks; however, he accepted responsibility and apologized.  The women coming forward regarding his alleged abuse just happened to surface right before the election, and there were no witnesses or proof to corroborate the abuse.  In fact, two of the accusers have already been discredited. 
  2. Hillary Clinton publicly humiliated Monica Lewinsky who had an affair with her husband.  Mr. Clinton was impeached for lying about it under oath. 
  3. Donald Trump is not a politician and wants to clear out the status-quo in Washington. 
  4. Hillary Clinton wants Washington to continue, as usual, using special interest groups to guide her policies.
  5. Donald Trump wants to abolish Obamacare.
  6. Hillary Clinton wants to keep Obamacare with a few tweaks.  The premiums are outrageous and now will increase by 22% next year.
  7. Donald Trump wants to help minorities and the inner cities that are in a state of upheaval. 
  8. Hillary Clinton has done nothing while in public office to do anything to help minorities or the inner cities.  In fact, her campaign staff said she hates the everyday American. 
  9. Donald Trump wants to Defund Planned Parenthood.  He knows there are medical clinics all around the country that provide quality healthcare for women either free of charge or on a sliding scale.  He also knows abortion is not healthcare.   
  10. One of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supportesr is Planned Parenthood because they want taxpayers to pay for abortion.  Their abortion clinics are located in poor, minority neighborhoods which are depleting the minority population.  (Read what the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. has to say.)  PLUS,  Hillary has no problem with late-term abortion up to the ninth month.
  11. Donald Trump wants to protect the 2nd Amendment.
  12. Hillary Clinton thinks if there are more restrictions to gun buying crime will decrease.  Chicago has the strictest gun control laws and the highest crime rate.
  13. Donald Trump wants to select Supreme Court Justices who protect the Constitution as it is written.
  14.  Hillary Clinton wants to select Supreme Court Justices who interpret the Constitution as it pertains to special interest groups.  See last debate.
  15. Donald Trump supports religious freedom.
  16. Hillary Clinton has publicly stated people need to change their religious views.  It has been proven her campaign staff is attacking Evangelical Christians and Catholics, and her running mate is making a mockery of his faith.
  17. Donald Trump has his money and doesn’t need special interest groups to influence his policies.
  18. Hillary Clinton gets millions of dollars from special interest groups which will influence her policies, regardless who it hurts.
  19. Donald Trump’s proposed tax cuts will bring back jobs and help the middle class.
  20. Hillary Clinton’s proposed tax hikes will force companies to close, thus increase unemployment.  Tax hikes will kill the middle class.
  21. Donald Trump plans on appointing independent counsel to further investigate the Clinton Foundation for improper actions.
  22. The Clinton Foundation has been accepting funds from countries that have violated basic human rights.  Most importantly, abuse and devaluing of women.
  23. Donald Trump wants to protect our citizens by closing the borders.
  24. Hillary Clinton publicly announced she wants open borders even though she admits there is no way to properly vet those coming in.
  25. Donald Trump has not put our country in danger by having a personal server that transmitted confidential information.
  26. Hillary Clinton transmitted confidential information, admitted it, after denying it to Congress.
  27. Donald Trump’s campaign has not been accused of voter fraud or inciting violence.
  28. It has been proven Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been involved in voter fraud and inciting violence. 
  29. Donald Trump is not behind in the polls as people would like to believe.
  30. It has been proven, under no uncertain terms, the polls have been manipulated to show a Clinton lead in an attempt to discourage Trump voters.
  31. Donald Trump has been speaking about the Wikileaks e-mails which show the corruption of the Clinton campaign.
  32. The Clinton campaign, except one, has not denied the content of the e-mails.  It has been verified they are valid e-mails and said e-mails were not altered in any way contrary to what Donna Brazile claims.

These are the facts  like them or not.   Use the intelligence and common sense you were blessed with.  If there isn’t a link to one of the points, pull up the video of the last debate.
Those who stand by someone who will ruin our country will be just as complicit in its destruction.

This just in:
Obamacare has officially released their 2017 prices! For a family of 4 (both parents 40, 1 boy & 1 girl) your average price is between $1,900 and $2,300 a month. Oh, and don't forget your $2,000 - $5,000 deductible. These are your "hard working middle class families" that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton always talk about taking care of. Not to mention your: Mortgage/Rent, electric, water, food, car and other utilities. THIS IS NOT HELPING AMERICANS! We the people, cannot afford this anymore. Everyone, please open up your eyes and see the real issues that are staring you right in the face! Our country can do much better than this.

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