Monday, October 9, 2017

LEFTIST DEMAND FOR GUN CONTROL: The biggest hypocrisy of all.

The tragedy in Las Vegas brought shock and grief, but also showed the true spirit of America.  The many stories of heroism by every day citizens epitomized John 15:13:  "No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends."  No one stopped to ask about political affiliation, race, religion, etc., it was all about saving lives. 

Sadly, the tragedy also exemplified the Left's unabashed hypocrisy. Here are a few statements issued after the mass shooting:

How can a party dedicated to respecting life be complicit in the massacre?  Hillary’s statement is as distorted as her reasons for not being elected.  The GOP not only believes citizens have a constitutional right to protect themselves but also that pre-born citizens have a right to be protected as well. She speaks of unadulterated greed motivated by people who want to sell as many guns as they can.  Gun store owners don't sell guns to encourage murder.  It is not their intent to profit from the deaths of innocent people. Planned Parenthood is the guilty party. They not only sell their products and services to kill, but also profit by selling the body parts.  Their rhetoric about the services provided, safety and no side-effects is as false as claims of a Russian conspiracy.  And Hillary -- we can't believe that one party in the greatest country on earth is totally sold to the abortion lobby and do whatever they are ordered to do, despite the loss of life.  

What has become too routine in America is the killing of innocent babies.  She said a moment of silence will not suffice for the victims of the massacre.  Well, it will not for abortion either.  If we held a moment of silence for each baby aborted since 1973 would be silent for over 100 years. We find it odd one of her webpages claims, “Kamala Harris was raised by a family steeped in the Civil Rights Movement and has fought her entire career for justice for everyone – especially for those whose voices aren’t often heard by the people in power,” and “Kamala has spent her entire career fighting for the voiceless and vulnerable in our society and against those who prey on them.”  She has not fought for anyone except those who can advance her political aspirations.  The voiceless and vulnerable in our society are the unborn.  Civil Rights?  What a bunch of bunk. Black children are aborted at three times the rate of white children; Hispanic children are aborted at one and a half times the rate. Why?  Because Planned Parenthood strategically places clinics in minority neighborhoods.  Ms. Harris is not only a staunch supporter of this deadly organization, she protected them by abusing her power as California Attorney General to impede the investigation into the sale of baby body parts.  

But she is fine with the country being numb to the tragedy of abortion.  The real-time abortion clock (updated continually)  shows 59,831,429 innocent babies lost their lives since Roe v. Wade. Access to abortion, and Planned Parenthood’s promotion of it as the only alternative to an unplanned pregnancy has created today’s culture of death, especially within minority communities. 

Abortion happens too many times as well, Ms. Warren.  We need to have the conversation NOW on how to stop the violence occurring every day in abortion clinics … the violence against babies who can feel the excruciating pain of being ripped from the womb piece by piece (and the organs sold).  

And last, but not least, the biggest hypocrite of all. We cannot become used to devastation? She thrives on the public being used to the killing of babies, which in turn wreaks emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual devastation. She does not care about the devastation because abortion has made her rich – first from the procedure then the sale of body parts.     

We both shed tears for the victims in Las Vegas, as well as those suffering from the destructive earthquake and hurricanes, but we also shed tears for the babies who died today, tomorrow and the days ahead. The value of life is constant, no matter where that life is located – in the womb, a classroom, an office, the inner city, the suburbs, a hospital, nursing home ...  Nor does value of life depend on sex, race, age, financial status, or handicap.

These women are just a few examples of the hypocrisy of the left and their pro-choice community.   

They cry for some but not for all.