Wednesday, October 31, 2018


We are all united in mourning the lives lost at the Tree of Life Synagogue.  The senseless act of a deranged individual devastated families, friends, and their community.  This evil perpetrator purposely set out to kill not just anyone, he targeted a specific group of people.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have vehemently denounced the atrocity which is to be expected and demanded; however, we find it a bit hypocritical for those on the left.  While denouncing the killing of a specific group of people, they continue to promote the calculated annihilation of minority babies in the womb.  These are the same people that reach out to the black community for votes, claiming they have their best interests at heart.  Really? 

Thanks to mainstream media’s continued censorship of the truth, the facts of how Planned Parenthood operates are hidden.  Planned Parenthood systematically locates their clinics in minority neighborhoods and even focuses ads towards black women in what it appears to be supporting what their founder, Margaret Sanger, said, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”  79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are within walking distance of minority neighborhoods. And sadly, Democrat politicians are complicit in this cover-up.

According to the CDC, as of July 2017, the black population in the U.S. stood somewhere around 40 million, which means that abortion has reduced the size of the black community by more than 30%.  More than 19 million Black babies have been aborted since the 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision legalized abortion in our country, 36.0% of all abortions in the U.S. in 2014 were performed on Black women, however, only about 13.3% of the total population is Black

These facts ring the genocide bell loud and clear, yet the Democrats show no concern whatsoever. They are so blinded by the millions of dollars being poured into their campaigns by the abortion lobby they have lost their souls.  They care more for votes than for human lives, all lives – all races.  They need to take heed to what St. Teresa of Calcutta wisely said, And if we can accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?” 

Think before you vote.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


The Democrats are known for using race as a ploy to get votes.  They inflame minority voters by convincing them Republicans are the ones oppressing them, keeping them in poverty.  In truth, the most poverty-ridden cities are run by Democrats.  They make empty promises each election to garner votes, then once elected, ignore the populace that got them there. 

Unfortunately, the same applies to women.  The Democrats brand themselves the champions of women’s rights, primarily due to the abortion issue and trust us, we know.  We used to be radical feminazis angrily arguing about a woman's right to choose...helping elect pro-choice candidates, etc.  We drank the Democrat Koolaid of their progressive feminist propaganda for way too long... The aftermath has been devastating to women, men, our families, and our culture.  All that sexual freedom had consequences and many lives have been destroyed.   We finally realized we couldn’t live in peace and live a lie. 

Abortion rights might be pushing women towards the left; however, there are other factors.  Women are angry.  Angry at men.  Angry at being abandoned when their father leaves the family and doesn’t stay connected.  They are angry at sexual abuse, sexual harassment and failing relationships.  Angry because the Democrats tell them they are being oppressed.  Fathers leaving, husbands/boyfriends leaving, sexual abuse, sexual harassment and failing marriages unfortunately happen, but for crying out loud, it's not because of a certain political happens on both sides yet the Democrats point the finger at Republicans.  Go figure.  As far as oppression goes...well, that is just not true. The rise of women in the business and political world is ongoing and women's unemployment rates are the lowest in decades.  

Another factor which Democrats don't address is morality. Think about it.  The Democrats have an agenda supporting immorality.  They depend on the multitude of dollars received from Planned Parenthood that promotes premarital sex.  The Democrats do not promote family unity.  Otherwise, they would be promoting programs that encourage chastity, marriage before sex and offer services to preserve marriages/relationships.  They would be encouraging young men and women to be responsible rather than offering them a way to engage in immoral behavior without getting caught or an “easy way out” through abortion. 

Women need to understand the media and Democrats are fueling their anger.  They are hiding the progress that has been made for women in all aspects of life.  Look at the number of women working in high positions within the current administration.  Look at the leader of the Republican party. Look at the number of women CEO's.  Look at Justice Kavanaugh’s law clerks – all women. 

Speaking of Justice Kavanaugh – look who exposed Dr. Ford when she asked to remain anonymous.  It wasn’t a Republican that released her name; it was a Democrat.  The Republicans were sympathetic towards her and provided her every opportunity to testify privately, in fact, they offered to go to her in California, but the Democrats thwarted that.  Why?  Political gain.  Regardless of what anyone believes, the Republicans did what they could to make it a fair hearing without attacking her at all and look what happened to Justice Kavanaugh…his reputation and family attacked on all fronts.  What about Heidi Heitkamp?  She released names of victims in order to get votes, and those women did not give her permission to do so. 

Women need to see the Democrats for who they are and what they do.  They obstruct, use and abuse.  They don’t care who they hurt in their quest for power, most of all women.  Remember the treatment the women that came forward against President Clinton faced?  Democrats smeared them all.  What about the woman that was abused by Keith Ellison?  The Democrats chose to investigate by themselves rather than have someone objective do it and then closed the case.  Is that equal justice?  Aren’t these women worthy of being heard?

We also need to think about the consequences of the "all men are guilty until proven innocent" agenda created by the Democrats.  This is very dangerous for all the men ... fathers, sons, husbands and significant others.

Also, think about the Democrat support of transgenders using any public bathroom or locker room in schools.  Do women really want their children exposed to this?  What about transgenders in sports?  Transgender men are entering female sporting events with a distinct physical advantage.  This is not fair for the women who have sacrificed their time and energy to train diligently in their given sport, only to be challenged and defeated by someone biologically male.

Mainstream Media and the Democrats Don't Want Women to See:

·         * We have a growing economy.
·         * Tax cuts are making a significant impact on the spending ability of the majority of citizens.
·         * Record drop in the need for food stamps.
·        *  Jobs are being created at breakneck speed. 
·        *  We have the lowest unemployment rate since 2000 .
·        *  Unemployment for women is at the lowest in decades.
·        *  Unemployment for blacks is at a record low and nearing that for other minorities.
·         *  Our country is no longer threatened by North Korea and is more secure.
·         * Our country is no longer being taken advantage by unfair trade deals.
·         * Our President is putting the United States and its citizens FIRST and FOREMOST.
·         * A new executive order to lower the cost of prescription drugs.
·        *  A better health care program on the way that will provide lower premiums and cover pre-existing conditions, contrary to what the Democrats are saying.
If the Democrats have it their way, we will once again be plunged into poverty and unemployment.  Children will continue to be pushed into immorality.  We will have open borders that will welcome in not only more drugs and human trafficking but also people entering with the intent on doing harm to us and our families.

Women need to open their eyes to what is happening.  The Democrats are turning them all into men-haters and chronic victims.  Listen clearly to the rhetoric, you’ll hear it.  They want women to blame President Trump and the Republican party not because it’s true, but because they count on the hatred for votes.

Friday, October 19, 2018


As elections get closer, all over the country we see division …  millennial kids estranged from their parents and lifelong friendships in tatters.  What gives?  If you are wondering why so many families and friends are divided over this election you have come to the right place. 

Are you ready for the truth?  Not a watered-down, namby-pamby version of the truth, but the plain, ugly truth?  It’s anger perpetuated by the left which aims to divide and conquer.  Yes, the tactics of Saul Alinsky (and the red man). 

The fear-mongering, rumor-spreading, race-baiting press - in alliance with the Soros-funded politicos, have pulled out all the stops.  Not only are they inciting violence against anyone daring to even LOOK like a conservative, they are encouraging not calm, respectful debate, but instead, promoting brow-beating, shaming and degrading in an effort to silence us.  Not with facts, mind you, facts are not important … lies work so much better.  They expect their followers to do all they can to bring others to the dark side at all costs.  They don’t care if it tears apart families or diminishes friendships…in fact they count on it. 

If you honestly care about our country …. take a look below at the typical Saul Alinsky playbook.  Compare it to what you see today … in your community … in your family.  Is this what you want your life to be?  Your children’s lives?  Your grandchildren’s? 

The balloon of angst is swelling to the point where even the most insignificant situation brushing alongside the bulging latex threatens detonation of our society.  Let’s not let it pop!

Friday, October 12, 2018

The Confirmation Process: What America Learned

The confirmation process of Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh was not only educational, but also a frightening view into the hearts and minds of people …  people who are supposed to be leaders, people who claim to be tolerant, people who claim to want equality. 


·        All women who come forward with allegations of sexual abuse are to be believed, no matter what. 
·        All men are potential targets for allegations.  They are guilty, no matter what.
·        Anyone questioning motives or credibility of an abuse victim is heartless and misogynistic, even when there is no evidence or corroboration.  
·        The presumption of innocence no longer exists.
·        Character assassination is totally acceptable as a means to an end.
·        It’s acceptable to devastate a family and publicly celebrate it.
·        The press no longer needs to use “alleged” or “accused”.  They are the judge and jury and are to be believed, no questions asked.
·        It is acceptable for political leaders to promote violence against opposing parties.
·        Free speech only applies if it follows a particular ideology.
·        It’s acceptable to harass, intimidate and threaten violence towards those with opposing views.  
·        People can use any means necessary for the right to kill the unborn.
·        The Constitution is just a piece of paper that should be gutted and rewritten to assuage a specific ideology.
·        The Constitution no longer applies to WE THE PEOPLE.

Think about it….is this the America you want?  

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Can We Ever Go Back?

In this volcanic political environment, ordinarily peaceful and thoughtful people have been reduced to raging, thoughtless and heartless combatants, including myself at times.   On both sides of the fence, there are attacks through all means of social media in an attempt to persuade the opposition. I’m not pointing the finger at a specific side; however, it is obvious one is much more contemptible than the other, and that is due to the lack of objectivity in the press through misleading and in some cases purely false reporting. 

Regardless of the situation, we have been thrust into this quagmire of anger, disgust, and pure hatred.  This is NOT the United States I grew up in, and it is NOT the United States the founders meant it to be.  Unethical politicians from the local level all the way up have sold their soul to the devil.  They proclaim to love our country and want what’s best for the citizens of our great nation, but they don't.   It’s not about patriotism or dedication to constituents … It’s about power and control.  It’s about manipulating the press through financial and/or other means to mislead the public by reporting non-factual, dramatic stories inciting outrage for those who consider whatever is published or broadcast the truth.  The fact a nominee to the Supreme Court being called a rapist and sexual predator on certain news channels and newspapers without the term “alleged” or "accused" says it all. 


To common decency and consideration towards our friends and neighbors regardless of political leanings?

To expecting ethical behavior in our elected officials and demanding they be held accountable for their actions, regardless of party?  

To having fair and balanced reporting?

To celebrities using their status as a means to not promote one group of people and demean another, but to promote unity?

To having equal justice under the law?

To having citizens accept the results of elections and behaving in a manner that would reflect maturity and respectability?

To having the citizens and the security of this great country put first and foremost in the eyes of all elected officials?

To believing ALL lives matter including those in the womb?

Moreover and most importantly ….

To having a country where morals, faith, and integrity are not ridiculed but celebrated?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

An Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein

Dear Senator Feinstein,

I want to address your recent actions affecting the confirmation process of Judge Kavanaugh.

Dr. Ford said she could not recall the specifics of her attack, which should have caused alarm.  I am a real victim of sexual abuse, having experienced a gang rape in the summer of 1975.  Something that traumatic stays with you for the rest of your life and you remember details.  You don’t just remember the names… you remember the place,  the circumstances as well as the surroundings.  Nothing is fuzzy.   Even though I was under the influence of alcohol at the time, I can still see the faces of my attackers, I remember the house, the street it was on, the color of carpet in the house and the feeling of the coldness of the red formica dining room table where I was held down and violated.  

Yes, it is important to take sexual misconduct seriously, but it is your responsibility to use common sense and check the story for validity before destroying someone’s reputation.  Your “last ditch effort” to derail Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation proves you have no desire to search for the truth as long as it meets with your political goal of obstructing the current administration no matter who it hurts.

You are a disgrace to California, the Senate and the country.  I pray that sometime you will look into that dark soul of yours and find the last part of light that exposes the damage you have caused.  I pray you accept responsibility for your reprehensible actions and ask for forgiveness….from real victims, your constituents, the country, Judge Kavanaugh and most importantly God. 

I will continue to pray you see the light.

Friday, August 10, 2018

To NFL Players Taking a Knee: What's Worse - Oppression or Genocide?

Most people know I am (or used to be) a football fanatic and fantasy football addict.  While living in Seattle,  I attended many Seahawks games in the Kingdome thanks to my parents owning season tickets.  Even after moving to Southern California I flew up there for a few games.  Thursday nights, Sundays and Monday nights I was glued in front of the television …  fantasy sheets spread in front of me and pizza ordered – but thanks to grandstanding and ungrateful players, those days are gone, and my Seahawks jersey hangs in the closet, gathering dust (and I am seriously considering burning it). 

Now, don’t get in a huff.  I am a strong proponent of free speech and have done my fair share of demonstrations … however, during the National Anthem on the field is not the time or place.  Fans turn on the television or enter the stadium gates to watch FOOTBALL.  Those in the stadium could care less about politics during the course of the game…it’s a time to escape the craziness of this politically fueled world.   None of us should have to bear witness to players kneeling or raising their clenched fists during the National Anthem .. disrespecting our country and those who serve. 

I find it interesting players are demonstrating against oppression as they collect million dollar paychecks and live in mansions.  I find it interesting the only time they speak out is during football season.  Where are they off the field?  Yes, there are some that walk the walk.  Players like Ben Watson and Philip Rivers are out there calling attention to the impoverished or marginalized not only off-season but also during the season as well and guess what?  They STAND for the National Anthem.

Taking a knee during a football game does nothing but create division.  It demonstrates nothing but ingratitude towards the country that didn’t oppress them but gave them the opportunity to rake in millions.  Taking a knee on the field doesn’t stop oppression, feed the poor or clean up the inner cities …  standing up and DOING something does.    

For those players taking a knee or raising a clench fist as a statement against racial are are missing the mark.   If you were out there in the oppressed areas, you would notice abortion clinics are strategically located there.  If you were cognizant of what is happening in the “real world” you would know black children are aborted at more than three times the rate of white children.   This is worse than oppression, fellas … it’s GENOCIDE and taking a knee won’t help that either … but standing up and speaking out in front of abortion clinics will.

Think about it.