Friday, June 23, 2017

Liberal Leaders - Your Silence is Deafening

Founding Father John Dickenson’s Liberty Song included the following lyric, “By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.”  One can only imagine his reaction if alive today.

The reprehensible attack on Rep. Steve Scalise could have been the perfect catalyst to unite our country.  It could have put an end to the left’s histrionic, hateful and misleading rhetoric.  It should have been a moment of clarity for them and for mainstream media that their words provoked not just the assassination attempt but also calls for the assassination of President Trump, violent protests and threats on the lives of others who do not agree with the liberal agenda. The day of the assassination attempt was a “Kumbaya Moment” for some of the left but ended the day after – in fact, mainstream media returned promptly to their unprovoked and undeserving assault on the administration without skipping a beat. 

The left is out of control and out of their minds.  The leaders of the Democratic party offered some words of consolation to Rep. Scalise and the other victims, but not out of sincere concern but because they wanted to look innocent.  The day after the attack they even had the audacity to blame the Republicans.  Yeah, right. And what does one Democratic official say?  “I’m glad he got shot.”   

Violence towards Republicans has been growing since President Trump’s election.  Why is that?  Because of the false narrative and fear-mongering from the leaders of the left and liberal media.  Statements regarding the forthcoming healthcare bill are a prime example: “Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they're the death party.” (Hillary Clinton), “People will die.” (Elizabeth Warren), “This change would devastate 14 million Californians who are covered by Medicaid—children, pregnant women, working families, the elderly and people with disabilities.” (Dianne Feinstein).  Then when violence erupts based on these histrionic statements leaders of the left consistently remain silent, including former Presidents (Obama, Bush, Clinton).  They didn’t call for calm after the election, in fact, some liberal leaders participated in demonstrations.  They didn’t condemn the Hollyweird community for promoting violence against the administration, Kathy Griffin when she held President Trump’s decapitated head in that morbid photo or the most recent call for President Trump’s assassination made by Johnny Depp. 

The leaders of the left know exactly what they are doing.  They want to disrupt the current administration by any means.  Their words are intended to incite violence and their deafening silence after each attack, riot or threat proves it.  But guess what?  IT’S NOT WORKING.  They are only making themselves less palatable to voters in the upcoming midterm elections and beyond.  

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sorry Liberals - No More Kumbaya

Ramadan is in full swing and the body count is rising.  The attacks will continue in Europe and the United States and Canada are not immune.  Why?  Because of the left's demands for "political correctness,"  people are afraid to report anything suspicious for fear of being called racist.  Because of the left's pandering of the Muslim communities refusing to assimilate.  Because thanks to liberal judges, our borders are not secure and we can't control who enters our country.   
Terrorists are not afraid.   Why should they be?  Liberals put out the red carpet because they are deaf and blind when it comes to radical Islam. They can’t hear the truth through their choruses of “Kumbaya” or chants of “Co-Exist”.  They can’t see the carnage through their pretty rose-colored glasses.  The liberals keep saying Islam is a religion of peace – really?  Granted, not all Muslims are terrorists but guess what?  All the terrorists are Muslim.   Click HERE. 
Why can’t the left see our country, just like Europe, is being infiltrated with this murderous scum.  Yes, some are citizens that converted to Islam and radicalized, BUT, the rest sneak across our borders, enter as refugees, or fly in on temporary visas and never leave. 
We need a fence and more border security.  Until a system is developed that can fully vet everyone from outside our country we need to discontinue immigration altogether, and definitely ban travel from countries that have ties to radical Islam. 
We do care about those who need help, and help can be provided by other means.  Our family, friends and neighbors should not have to be exposed to danger because of some liberal ideology that love conquers all.  That’s not how the world is today so get over it. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Ludicrous Left: They Just Can't Stop Themselves

It appears the Democrats in Washington can’t stop themselves from looking like total morons.  Their lack of common sense and integrity is expanding by epidemic proportions as President Trump tries to put our country back together and strengthen it. 

Healthcare:  We had to laugh when Pelosi said, “people will die,” because of the new health care bill.  What a crock!  The Democrats don’t want to tarnish Obama’s legacy, regardless if it hurts citizens or not.  Obamacare is an utter failure (as was his whole presidency) ... AND based on their childish behavior, if President Trump had a healthcare bill that provided 100% coverage for every citizen at no charge, they would reject it.  

Comey’s Firing:  The backlash on Comey’s firing is almost comedic looking back at how the likes of Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi wanted him fired for what he did to Hillary.   Anyone with an ounce of intellect would have applauded the President’s actions rather than create another conspiracy theory. 

President Trump asking Comey to stop the investigation into Flynn:  It appears lamestream media can insinuate something totally unsubstantiated and the talking heads run with it.  We are waiting for them to grab on something as stupid as President Trump being an alien from Mars and hiring a special investigator to prove it … anything to distract the public from hearing all the good he has already done for the country. 

Where was the Independent Counsel …

*When Obama whispered to the Russians he would have more flexibility after his election?
*The “gift” of uranium to Russia as quid pro quo for a donation to the Clinton Foundation? 
*Benghazi ?
*The $400 million in cash Obama paid for the American hostages? 
*The IRS sham silencing and targeting conservative voices/501©3 companies and the head of IRS  destroying her computer?
* Loretta Lynch meeting with slick Willy on the Arizona tarmac?
* The destroyed cell phones/computers of Miss Hillary?

Murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich:  Where is the lamestream media coverage about this?  Mr. Rich was a disgruntled Democratic National Committee staffer and based on reliable sources (not innuendo), he was communicating with Wikileaks.  The D.C. police consider it a robbery even though his watch and wallet were still on his body.  AND ….   if it was just a robbery, why was the FBI called in?  Hmmmm.

If anyone ever took an honest look at the underbelly of Obama and his administration, with the help of the Clinton's and others on the left, it would prove how corrupt they truly are. No wonder the Demoncrats are pitching a fit and trying to clog the system with false news and innuendo's.  Desperate people do desperate things which is why, whatever President Trump says or does, the talking heads manipulate the truth into something preposterous to wreak more havoc and create more hatred, panic, and fear in the snowflakes.  President Trump is not the enemy – he’s the light at the end of the tunnel of the left’s liberal and socialistic policies. 

Note To You Left-Wingers:  Keep in mind, even if you were successful (slim chance of that) in ousting the President there will nothing to celebrate...we have the other light right behind him Vice-President Pence.  Be afraid, be very afraid.  

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Political Correctness: Pillars of Socialism

Thanks to political correctness, certain terms have been high-jacked to strengthen and advance a socialist agenda.  Words such as tolerance, equality, and diversity are now battle cries for a socialist society.

The definition of tolerance is “a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs, and practices that differ from one's own.”  It is evident today the definition has changed.  The only way to be tolerant, according to liberals, is to accept everything they say and if not, expect riots, demonstrations, threats, and physical/verbal personal attacks. Liberals utilize what they claim are first amendment rights (except for the riots, threats, attacks) yet deny those same rights to anyone with opposing views.  A recent case in point:  Conservative speaker Ann Coulter’s canceled appearance at UC Berkeley due to threats of demonstrations and possible violence from leftist students.  Denying anyone the right to share an alternative viewpoint (and in Ms. Coulter’s case, the TRUTH), is akin to censorship which is one of the pillars of Socialism.

Let’s move on to equality.  The preamble to the Constitution states that “All men are created equal.”  Yes, we are all created equal, but through circumstance, our paths are not.  In this day and age, contrary to the liberal rhetoric, we all have the same opportunities.  It’s what we do with those opportunities that determine our station in life.  The left believes all paths should converge and wealth redistributed regardless if those less fortunate ended up in that position due to squandered opportunities and bad choices.  Sadly, liberal logic also calls for punishing the successful by taxing them to the max.  Why?  I wonder if it has anything to do with all the government freebies (healthcare, food stamps, welfare, cell-phones, birth control, abortion) paid for by those same taxes. Guess what?  Redistribution of wealth and government dependence are also pillars of Socialism.

Diversity is what makes our country great, or at least it did.  We used to celebrate the presence of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures within our borders, but now diversity has taken an immoral and illegal turn by including homosexuality and “undocumented” immigrants. People of faith are taught to love their neighbors, and we do.  That doesn’t mean we should be forced to abandon our beliefs and values by accepting and celebrating behavior that goes against God’s teachings and the law, yet that’s the way it is today. 

Following our faith and defending the sanctity of marriage now results in civil action. Remember the cake?  A baker refused to bake one for a gay wedding because it went against his religious beliefs.  Instead of the couple respecting the baker’s faith and going elsewhere, they decided to sue, thus putting the baker out of business (reverse diversity?) Speaking out against behavior that is contrary to God’s word is not only unacceptable but also prosecutable.  

We are also expected to accept illegal immigrants into our diverse society.  It doesn’t matter that we have no idea of their background.  Granted, not all illegal immigrants are dangerous criminals (they are breaking the law, however) but how many murderers, drug dealers and child molesters have crossed the same border?  Without vetting, we have no idea.  So, thanks to the liberal lawmakers, law enforcement and ICE officials can’t enforce immigration law and protect communities.  Additionally, there are inadequate (or ignored) controls for handing out welfare checks and food stamps and hardworking citizens pay for it all through their hard-earned tax dollars. In regards to taxes, while citizens struggle with taxes every year, illegals are able to claim a $1,000 tax credit per child WITHOUT a Social Security number and get federal money?  And if that's not bad enough, IRS encourages illegals to use fraudulent Social Security numbers to file taxes, and rest assured their are millions lost in fraudulent refunds as well. 

If liberals have it their way, we will all be forced to live in an immoral and valueless society with no respect for law and order.   Of course, they don’t see it that way.  Through their rose-colored glasses, they see one big, government controlled, happy family.  Hence, another pillar of socialism.

Is that really how you want to live?

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Faith Not Fear Leaders: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing or Sheep Being Led to Slaughter? (Part Three: Litany of Lunacy)

In this final chapter of the “Faith Not Fear” series, I address some of the statements made to the misled minions and offer my commentary (in red).  Before doing so, however, I want to comment on the presence of some law enforcement officials as well as politicians – who enthusiastically applauded what was said:

San Diego County head sheriff Bill Gore and San Diego police chief Shelley Zimmerman attended this summit.  Gore was dressed in civilian clothes and was not introduced to the attendees, but Zimmerman appeared in full uniform and was applauded by the audience. Now, what does that tell ordinary San Diego citizens about what their officers are sworn to protect?  Did Gore’s and Zimmerman’s presence imply that breaking the law is okay under certain circumstances?  Did their appearances at this event subtly proclaim that if you are an illegal immigrant, don’t worry about it—or, if you have a criminal history of murder, rape, drug dealing, or terrorism, you’re protected?    

The following local Democrats were publicly named and lauded by the crowd. 

*State Senator Toni Atkins, open lesbian and former director of the now-defunct 
San Diego-based WomanCare abortuary
*State Senator Ben Hueso
*Assembly Member Shirley Weber
*Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez
*“Catholic” Congressman Juan Vargas

These Demoncratic politicians not only support lawlessness, but also advocate abortion and “gay rights” while chumming it up with Bishop McElroy and San Diego diocesan priests, including St. Thomas More Oceanside’s pastor.   No local pro-life, pro-traditional-marriage Republican politicians were similarly recognized and applauded.

Here are some of the statements made from the podium:

The first three comments are from Lisa Morales, an attendee sharing her testimony:

 “Kids worry (they will be deported)--kids are under too much stress from worrying, we object to new enforcement of (immigration) laws.”

Parents that are illegal are responsible for their children worrying – they have no one else to blame.  Maybe they should have thought about that before entering the country illegally and taking advantage of American taxpayers.  Of course, they object to new enforcement…..they will have to be held accountable for breaking the law.

 “The (US) economy will get bad if they take immigrants out.”

This is absolutely laughable.  For one thing, they are not immigrants; they are ILLEGAL immigrants.  If our country didn’t spend what it does on illegal immigrants, our economy would be the best it has ever been. 

 “ This economy serves the interest of the rich.”

No, the economy serves the interest of CITIZENS.  It’s not here to serve the interest of those fraudulently receiving benefits meant for citizens.

“We are here to disrupt justice.” – Mary Burkeshire, attendee.

Now that makes sense …. doesn’t it?  Can’t figure that one out at all.  It only makes sense if you are a Democrat intent on disrupting our current administration at all costs, no matter what harm such disruption inflicts on society and the common good.  

 “The Bible says to "welcome the stranger." – Bishop Braiser

Yes, and it also says to protect your families.  Oh yeah, what about Thou shalt not steal?  Thou shalt not lie?  Thou shalt not kill?  See Ten Commandments.

Martha Flores (Our Lady of the Sacred Heart) discussed the need to support  SB 54. (CA bill that would restrict local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities)And with that, dangerous criminals will fall through the cracks and be roaming our communities.  "SB 10" (waiver to allow individuals who are not eligible to obtain health coverage through the Health Care Exchange because of their immigration status.  Illegal immigrants already get free healthcare at the expense of taxpayers.  Do you think they will pay a small premium if they are already getting free health care?  For crying out loud. 

Another attendee giving testimony, Katia Ortiz, talked about how her parents taught her honesty and respect.  She said they came undocumented; they could not vote, could not get a license and taught her hard work.  She added they never hurt anybody and worked 50-60 hours a week. 

Honesty and respect?  Entering the country illegally and lying about their immigration status is not only dishonest but also disrespectful of the laws of the United States.  They could not vote or get a license?  Too bad.  If they had immigrated legally that would not have been a problem.  Never hurt anybody?  How about the taxpayers who pay high taxes because illegal immigrants fraudulently receive social services and free healthcare?  Worked 50-60 hours a week?  Yes, under the table and not paying taxes (unless they are using false identification - but that's illegal too).  And working under the table or with false identification hurts others because it denies citizens that job and takes away the ability to support their families. 

"All immigrants should be welcomed because in the past immigrants were welcomed."  Bishop Dwayne Royster, Political Director of the PICO National Network and the Senior Pastor/Founder Emeritus of the Living Water United Church.

Immigrants are welcome.  They come here legally.  They come with their sleeves rolled up, ready to work, not with their hand out expecting taxpayers to support them.

"1 in 3 African men will spend time in the state penitentiary.” - Bishop Terrell Fletcher, City of Hope International Church

Well, if they do the crime it’s appropriate.  It has nothing to do with race; it has to do with actions.  Maybe if all these liberal groups go into the inner cities and help build them up rather than promote riots, etc., the demographics would change. 

Last but not least – from Bishop McElroy:  “We are all children of one God.”

Did he convert the Imam?  I don’t think so.  Muslims do not worship the same God as Christians do, and they are taught to hate (and kill) non-believers.  Also, if we are all children of one God then aren’t we all supposed to follow His words  (don’t steal or lie)?

This whole event was a far-left farce.  Instead of using the common sense God gave them, church leaders and some misled citizens are doing just what the leftist, socialist, communist organizations want:  No accountability, no law enforcement, no faith (especially Catholic) and no morals.  A social free-for-all. 

A personal note:  A big thank you to those who stood up for the truth at this libfest no matter how outnumbered we were.  Also, thanks to those who shared their priceless insights and observations for this series.  God Bless You!!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Faith Not Fear Leaders: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing or Sheep Being Led to Slaughter? (Part Two - On the Inside)

The attitude towards our peaceful protest at the “Faith Not Fear” summit was enough to prove how contradictory the liberal faith leaders can be.  Bishop McElroy and others not only glared at us but refused to listen to what we had to say.  Church representatives tried to block us from being on public property and handing out much needed, truthful information regarding Islam.  When we tried to enter the church to attend the actual event, we were denied entrance with our signs – while those carrying “Faith Not Fear” signs were allowed in.  It was painfully apparent alternative views were not allowed because the truth would neutralize the fear and hate towards our citizens, law enforcement and government this event was organized to create. 

The San Diego Organizing Project (SDOP) pulled out all stops with the folder of information provided to attendees.  Inside the folder was nothing but liberal fear-mongering and misleading propaganda.

As stated earlier, there is not a MUSLIM BAN.  It’s a ban on people that cannot be properly vetted and from countries that have terrorist ties.  There have been no MASS DEPORTATIONS or MASS INCERCERATIONS – and none have been called for.  As for RACISM and RACIAL PROFILING – since when is arresting criminals racist or considered racial profiling?  Should people of color automatically be given a pass because of their race?  What about HEALTH CARE?  Citizens should have access to quality health care and those who cannot afford it should be able to get assistance; however, those who have entered here illegally don’t need access to healthcare, they already receive all services FREE at the expense of hard-working, tax-paying citizens.  Additionally, redeeming Obamacare as written goes against Catholic teachings and SDOP, affiliated with PICO, is most definitely pro-abortion.   
First off, these people are not undocumented; they are illegal aliens.  They enter our country with the full intent of breaking the law, getting false identification to access all the programs available for citizens.  They are slapping the faces of all immigrants who entered her legally and have become law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.  Granted, some who enter here illegally are not criminals, but how do we know?  They are not vetted at all, and it is a known fact many are criminals in their own countries and come here to sell drugs and commit other crimes as well.  
*What matters is that there cannot be safe neighborhoods and collaborative relationships between our communities and police if organizations and churches leaders are doing all they can to interfere with the law.  *Our criminal justice system does not disproportionally imprison people of color.  Regardless of race, if you do the crime, you do the time.  Is law enforcement supposed to have a “quota” of how many people of color can be arrested so as not to look racist?  Give me a break. *I am all for quality education for all students and before and after-school programs but not when the education system picks and chooses what part of history to teach (or manipulates the truth of history) and indoctrinates children with liberal and socialistic idealism.  *Income equality?  If that means equality for those with the same qualifications – yes, but not the same wage for a less qualified person because of gender or race.  *Living wage to provide for our families?  Yes – but thanks to the cost to taxpayers due to illegal immigration, American families are struggling because of rising taxes.  *Affordable housing, homelessness and protecting tenants’ rights?  Yes- for those living in our country legally.  Why should those violating the law be afforded the same rights as citizens?  *Quality, lowcost healthcare is a right for all citizens.  Illegal immigrants crowd our clinics and emergency rooms receiving free care, and that cost is passed on to citizens by way of higher medical costs and insurance premiums.  Also, a basic human right is the right to LIFE, but as said earlier, Obamacare as written goes against Catholic teachings and the organization sponsoring this event is tied to those promoting abortion. *Legal permanent residency?  NO!  Why should those who are fraudulently participating in our so-called shared prosperity get rewarded?  The only way they should be given legal residency is if they are required to pay back every dime they stole from the taxpayers.