Tuesday, October 18, 2016

EXPOSING HILLARY #7: Wikileaks: Be Courageous, Be Objective, Be Informed

I made a huge mistake and turned on the "news" from mainstream today.  I listened to pro-Hillary campaign officials whine about Wikileaks.  Not once did they address the content of the e-mails, but diverted the conversation to how the e-mails were obtained and by whom (the Russians, of course).  Do you know why?  Of course, you do, you’re intelligent.   

It’s just a shame Hillary supporters are counting on mainstream media for their “news” instead of taking a broader view of what is transpiring.  Regardless how the e-mails were obtained, it shows the rampant corruption of the Clinton Campaign and the Clinton Foundation. It shows how Americans are being manipulated and even hated by Hillary.  I am willing to bet if her supporters read what Wikileaks exposed, they would be as appalled as I am.  No one wants to be manipulated, maligned, or hated – especially from a Presidential candidate and her campaign staff.  

We need to get this in the open for ALL to see, so ALL can make an informed decision before the election.  The future of our freedom, security, and country is at stake. 

Here is a summary of revelations thus far (more are coming):

  Let's not forget these two: 

 Click on the Wikileaks logo on the right-hand sidebar.  Be courageous, be objective, be informed!

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