Saturday, October 22, 2016


This is my last political blog post.  As I told a friend, no one wants to open their eyes and see the truth.  It appears Visine has been replaced by Superglue.  So to close it are my top ten “eye-opening” posts from Hillary supporters… 

  1. “Our country has gotten better, not worse, over the last 8 years.”  What country are you living in?
  2. "Yes, there should be great outrage at the pain and death that pro-life voters like you are causing when you support defunding Planned Parenthood, and the necessary result of hundreds to thousands more abortions.”  Huh?  Could you explain that? 
  3. “Google the FIRST GOP DEBATE and listen to Trump's words. I believe it was about 10 months ago, when he stated he intends on killing families of other religions and races, this includes women and children.”   Excuse me? 
  4. “Hillary and Bill Clinton have not made a dime off of the foundation, they have donated millions of their own personal monies to support the amazing work they do around the world.”  Have you read the foundation tax returns?  Compare foundation salaries to donations.
  5.  “These are ridiculous excuses to avoid stating that you are a racist. God gave us all freedom of choice and the government should not take that away. Their only responsibility is to ensure health and safety of a mother and child (after the fetus has a heartbeat). The bible was written long before modern medicine could detect a heartbeat to determine the child is alive.”  What the heck?
  6. “There is no such thing as an abortion in the 9th month. That is called a caesarean section and the birth of a full term baby.”   Hope you are not an OB/GYN.
  7. Had to throw this one in:  “Been waiting to hear Oprah's perspective!!!”  I feel so much better now that Oprah has told us how to vote.  
  8. And this one:  (Kept the spelling from the post):  Trump supporters are just like him. They are illiterate and probely would not be able to read or understand anything someone tells them.   Probely need to do more reading yourself? 
  9. This one is just plain scary:  Even if everything the Trump team "exposes" about Hillary is true, she is still over qualified to be our president. Trump has no political experience, is a bad businessman, and a horrible human. There is no contest.”  Corruption and lies are okay?  How have the politicians been doing for ya???
  10. “Woman that like Trump must be controlled by their husbands.”   That one is just sad…..
Those were just a few of the most entertaining (but most telling) posts of people wanting Hillary as the leader of our country. 

Donald Trump has made mistakes, but none that involve national security.  He has said some disdainful things, but his actions have not put people in harm’s way.  Yes, Trump is rich but so are the Clintons.  How did Mr. Trump get that way?  Through education, hard work, and business sense.  How did the Clintons get that way?  Politics.  Our country needs a business approach, not the fat cat DC politicos that recklessly spend our hard-earned tax dollars for their stupid pet projects and cronyism.

I am going to take the rest of the time before the election to pray that God blesses the voters with wisdom and pray people will come together to promote change in our government.  We need to take a stand and tell politicians we deserve more than we are getting.  They should be listening to us, We the People.  Forget about voting party lines.  Vote for the security of our country, the respect of our Constitution and protection of every American life.     

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