Friday, October 14, 2016

EXPOSING HILLARY #4: Women Beware - Everyone Beware

I find it interesting that so many women are still standing behind Hillary.  I know some are behind her just because they think it is time for a woman president, but THIS woman?  There are some that are still convinced she is fighting for the rights of women.  Not so.  Hillary is the great manipulator.  She manipulates the press and avoids or distorts the truth to her advantage. 

Yes, Donald Trump’s eleven-year-old video was awful, but at least he apologized.  Mainstream media doesn’t tell you that she humiliated and smeared the women her husband was accused of abusing, calling them “bimbos” and “trailer trash.”  She called a young, vulnerable intern "looney tunes," and continuously demeaned her publicly even when her husband confessed.  Mainstream media downplayed the fact she accused a twelve-year old rape victim of “asking for it”, claiming the girl fantasized about being with an older man.  A twelve-year old?  Then she laughed when the rapist got convicted of a lesser charge.  Did she apologize or even admit it?  NO! 

Now, three more women have "suddenly" come out claiming inappropriate contact by Mr. Trump after years of silence but this time Hillary jumps immediately on their bandwagon.  Hypocrisy?   These stories were not even vetted for any ounce of truth before being published in an attempt to smear a presidential candidate.   Clinton's public shaming of her husband's accusers and failure of her Mainstream Media Minions to substantiate the current allegations  against Mr. Trump creates mistrust in sexual abuse allegations, which is why women with valid claims fear no one will believe them and fear being humiliated.  I know, I'm a rape victim myself.  So don’t even think she’ll do anything for women if she’s elected. 
Sadly, women are not the only victims in Hillary's campaign.  She'll do nothing for minorities or for the middle class.  She hasn’t done anything thus far, why should we expect anything in the future?  She wants abortion knowing full well it reduces the minority population.  Contrary to what her followers think, her desire to raise taxes on the rich also include the middle class.  The tax increases will plummet the middle class into the poverty level.  Why?  Because she wants everyone dependent on the government so they can be controlled.   She wants power, not fairness. 

This election is not about rumors and innuendo, it’s about policy and the future of our country.  It’s about protecting our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It’s about family values and the U.S. Constitution.

Check this out - this sums up her campaign's attitude towards Americans:

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