Thursday, October 20, 2016

EXPOSING HILLARY #9: The QUEEN of Dodge and Weave

Last night’s debate may have been one of the biggest eye openers ever for undecided voters as well as Hillary supporters that are waning in their allegiance.  All I can say is, “It’s about time!”  What should have come out loud and clear while watching Hillary squirm, was her failed attempt to mislead the public by dodging and weaving.  
First off, Chris Wallace was the only unbiased commentator during the debate season.  He put all the others to shame by protecting the integrity of the debate process; refusing to be manipulated by the Clinton Cartel as evidenced in prior mainstream media events.  From the beginning, it was obvious Hillary was not as comfortable.  She knew this debate was a totally different ball game.  Wallace was not on her “team,” nor was he on Mr. Trump’s.  He wanted the truth to come out, and it worked, for the most part.   
Mr. Trump is pro-life and wants to defund Planned Parenthood.  Hillary once again voiced her ardent support of abortion. When accused of supporting "children being ripped from the womb days before birth,” she not only didn’t bat an eye but smiled.  Smiled!  Then came the same old rhetoric that Planned Parenthood provides necessary healthcare and cancer screening. (Please note, Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms.)  She failed to mention community health centers outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics 20 to 1 and they do provide comprehensive healthcare.  Abortion is NOT healthcare.   
Gun control?  Well, let's see.  Mr. Trump supports the second amendment.  Hillary said she does too, but wants stricter controls.  She had no comment when reminded Chicago has the strictest gun control laws and the highest crime rate.  She then weaved around and said tougher gun laws would protect toddlers.  Forceps, abortion pills and aspiration machines are much more of a threat.  They have killed millions of children and she's all for it.
She claims to be a champion for women and children (I’ve already addressed the children) and Mr. Trump asked how can she be a champion of women when the Clinton Foundation accepts millions from countries that brutalize, demoralize and denigrate them plus kill homosexuals.  He said in fairness to the women she champions as well as homosexuals, she should send the money back.  He also reminded her of Haiti and the people there hating the foundation because they took advantage of them rather than help.  Hillary’s response to both?  Dodge and weave AND pivot.  She ignored the question regarding accepting money from countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  She said the foundation helped in Haiti (see this video) and the foundation gives 90% of proceeds to charity.  What?  Fact-check here.  I was happy to see Chris Wallace stop her midstream as she attempted to sing the praises of the foundation rather than address the issues.     
Hillary couldn’t dodge and weave about open borders.  She flat out lied about it by saying she didn’t want open borders.  Chris Matthews called her on it, and she responded with some gibberish about electricity.  What was that all about? 
When confronted about the missing e-mails and her using her personal servers to transmit confidential information, she smugly announced the FBI cleared her.  Huh?  Did she forget Mr. Comey is before Congress right now because of his flagrant bias towards Clinton and disregard for the law?   

She didn’t have any answers for the Wiki-leaks e-mails other than it was the because of the Russians.  She did not address the contents whatsoever.  As to the source of the e-mails, I will repeat one of her most famous statements, “What difference does it make?”  The only thing that matters is the CONTENT.  They expose corruption and bigotry as well as insolent comments towards Evangelical Christians and the campaign's hope to provoke a "Catholic Spring".  As to the videos that prove corruption and voter fraud, she dodged and weaved again. 

It was nice to see Mr. Trump standing proud and presidential and Hillary squirm.  She had no moderator to handle her with kid gloves and it showed in her face, the sweat beading on her upper lip and her glaring eyes.   
Before anyone comes back with Mr. Trump falling back on his promise to accept the results of the election if he doesn’t win (and that to me is a BIG if) …. Think about it.  It has been proven the Clinton Cartel is doing all they can to manipulate and bully voters.  The have incited violence at Trump rallies and bragged about how they get people to vote in several jurisdictions PLUS how to use fraudulent identification.  Concerns have surfaced after voting machines were found showing discrepancies in the ballots entered versus results (and let us not forget George Soros owns a company (see here) that provides voting machines for sixteen states).  As a mature, common sense person, would YOU accept the results if they appeared tainted?  Ask Al Gore.  He took the results to the Supreme Court.   
Yes, Mr. Trump had a few uncomfortable moments as well, but he didn’t have to consistently dodge and weave to avoid answers regarding criminal activities and/or admit to lies.  Yes, I squirmed when he called Hillary a “nasty woman”, but what the heck, the truth is the truth. 

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