Thursday, November 3, 2016

Exposing Hillary #13: Thanks, Hillary!

To:   Hillary Rodham Clinton

I’ve been writing this letter in my head for quite some time and decided it was time to put it on paper. 

When your husband ran for President, I was one of his biggest supporters.  I ignored the “rumors” of his roving eyes.  I thought a strong, independent woman, such as you, would never have tolerated that type of behavior and leave him.   My heart broke for you as one after another of his dalliances were verified.  I saw the pain in your eyes when you stood by his side. I knew it must have been difficult, but I wondered why you continued to do so.  Then, instead of holding him accountable for his actions, you directed your anger towards the women instead.  You called them “trailer trash,” “looney tunes,” etc.  You publicly humiliated them when the one who should have been humiliated was your husband.  Thanks, Hillary. 

During this campaign, you attacked Mr. Trump for his unfortunate comments towards women and introduced alleged victims of abuse by Mr. Trump without an ounce of proof (of which two have already been discredited).  As a champion of women, you should have known that bringing forward false abuse claims discourages women who have truly suffered abuse.  By putting those women in the public eye, then having their stories debunked, other women will not pursue justice due to fear of being disbelieved and further humiliated.  Thanks, Hillary. 

If you are such a champion of women, why are you accepting millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and Qatar?  Those countries are legendary in their degradation, abuse, and suppression of their women.  Thanks, Hillary. 

If you are such a champion of women, why are you taking so much money from Planned Parenthood?  Their lies and misrepresentation of abortion have done nothing but harm women facing unplanned pregnancies.  They are not provided with alternatives to abortion or accurate information as to the possible devastating physical, spiritual and emotional side effects.  They are not told their babies are “parted out” to the highest bidder.  And nowyou come out publicly that  late-term abortion up to and including the ninth month is appropriate when it would save the life of the mother.  You claimed Donald Trump was not accurate when he described the late-term abortion procedure as having babies torn apart.   Late term abortions are not used to save the life of the mother, verified by an agency tied to Planned Parenthood.  You are accepting blood money from Planned Parenthood at the expense of women and future women.  Thanks, Hillary. 

And now, it has been reported the FBI is 99% sure your illegal server was compromised by five foreign intelligence agencies.  That is not just criminal; it puts not just women at risk but the whole country.  Thanks, Hillary. 

I would love to see a strong, independent woman as the leader of our wonderful country… one that would break the glass ceiling, not her promises to women, not the law.  Thanks, Hillary. 

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