Saturday, November 12, 2016

Election 2016 - Violence and Safety Pins

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.  The people have spoken, regardless what anyone else says.  So instead of accepting the results we see violent protests, students too traumatized to go to class, parents telling their children they will be ripped away from them, we are nearing World War III, etc., etc., etc.    

Now comes the “Safety Pin.”  Something worn to show solidarity against racism, etc. and a silent protest against a Trump presidency.  What happens if I don’t wear one? Does that mean I can't be trusted? Does that mean I’m a racist, homophobe, etc.?  Does that mean I shouldn’t leave my home for fear of being verbally or possibly physically attacked?   As far as I’m concerned, it’s just one more way to identify and  “label” those of us who voted for change  We who voted against corruption and a declining country.  We who voted for a better economy, secure borders, affordable healthcare, protection of the unborn, protection of religious freedom and protection of the Constitution as written not interpreted. 

There wouldn’t be protests or the need for safety pins if the mainstream media and far left politicians would accept the voice of “The People,” rather than spewing false alarmist predictions of a Trump presidency.  There wouldn’t be protests if the whiny Hollywood stars would go back to their mansions or leave the country (as promised) instead of preying on the uninformed and impressionable youth who apparently don’t understand the political system.  There wouldn’t be protests if college professors would do their job and teach students responsibility and expect maturity rather than pandering to a sobbing mob who didn’t get their way. There wouldn’t be protests if winners got trophies and losers learned to try harder.  

I applaud Hillary’s concession speech and Mr. Obama’s statements supporting the smooth transition of power, but they need to do more.  They need to admonish their supporters and instruct them to respect the country we live in by accepting the results of the election.  Mr. Trump could speak out, but those protesting won’t listen to him, now will they?   

Four years from now, if Mr. Trump is not doing a good job then vote him out.  In the interim, just as I had to do with Mr. Obama for eight long years, give President-elect Trump a chance. He will be OUR President....and I for one am encouraged.  I believe he will do great things for our country. 
The ballots were counted and the results confirmed.  The sooner we accept the results and wish him well, the better off we will be.  You have a choice ... Pull up the big girl/boy panties and suck it up, or use the safety pins for your diapers. 

That is my rant for today.

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