Saturday, November 19, 2016

Lethal Legacy

Don’t you find it interesting Obama is taking a trip while the country is in turmoil?  Here is the President of the United States who should be asking for calm while the liberal snowflakes are throwing temper tantrums because they didn’t get their way. 

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  He’s upset too, because his so-called legacy as President will be one of failure. With Mr. Trump in office, our country will turn around and the effects of liberal kool-aid will wear off allowing the snowflakes to see what actually happened during his eight years in office:

  • Out of control federal spending – the total debt he racked up was more than all other presidents combined
  • Encouraged illegal immigration by creating sanctuary cities (funded by taxpayers)
  • Encouraged illegal immigration by not allowing border control agents to do their jobs
  • Created eight years of people getting “entitled” rather than employed
  • Weakened national security by allowing refugees in without proper vetting
  • Allowed federal agencies to be manipulated by special interest groups
  • Brought forth the deterioration of race relations
  • Allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate our government
  • Failed to support Israel
  • Required religious organizations to go against their beliefs by providing abortion, abortifacient drugs and birth control in their health insurance coverage
  • Took more vacations than any other U.S. President
  • Spent more money on vacations than any other U.S. President
  • Increased crime in inner cities
  • Gutted our military might
  • Fired the likes of Mike Flynn because he dared mention Radical Islamic Terrorism
  • Increased corruption of the DOJ, IRS, FBI
  • Increased murder of police officers
  • Enemies now consider the United States weak and vulnerable
  • Failed to acknowledge terror attacks within our borders were perpetrated by Radical Islam (even tried to call one of them  "workplace violence")
  • Openly supported the false label of conservatives being racist, homophobic, etc.
  • Approves of transgenders using whatever bathroom he/she chooses
  • Welcomes "artists" to perform at the White House whose lyrics promote violence against police and women.
  • Left the Democratic Party in shambles resulting in the fewest Democrats in office since 1929
And you wonder why I'm so excited about the next four years? 

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