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Faith Not Fear Leaders: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing or Sheep Being Led to Slaughter? (Part Three: Litany of Lunacy)

In this final chapter of the “Faith Not Fear” series, I address some of the statements made to the misled minions and offer my commentary (in red).  Before doing so, however, I want to comment on the presence of some law enforcement officials as well as politicians – who enthusiastically applauded what was said:

San Diego County head sheriff Bill Gore and San Diego police chief Shelley Zimmerman attended this summit.  Gore was dressed in civilian clothes and was not introduced to the attendees, but Zimmerman appeared in full uniform and was applauded by the audience. Now, what does that tell ordinary San Diego citizens about what their officers are sworn to protect?  Did Gore’s and Zimmerman’s presence imply that breaking the law is okay under certain circumstances?  Did their appearances at this event subtly proclaim that if you are an illegal immigrant, don’t worry about it—or, if you have a criminal history of murder, rape, drug dealing, or terrorism, you’re protected?    

The following local Democrats were publicly named and lauded by the crowd. 

*State Senator Toni Atkins, open lesbian and former director of the now-defunct 
San Diego-based WomanCare abortuary
*State Senator Ben Hueso
*Assembly Member Shirley Weber
*Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez
*“Catholic” Congressman Juan Vargas

These Demoncratic politicians not only support lawlessness, but also advocate abortion and “gay rights” while chumming it up with Bishop McElroy and San Diego diocesan priests, including St. Thomas More Oceanside’s pastor.   No local pro-life, pro-traditional-marriage Republican politicians were similarly recognized and applauded.

Here are some of the statements made from the podium:

The first three comments are from Lisa Morales, an attendee sharing her testimony:

 “Kids worry (they will be deported)--kids are under too much stress from worrying, we object to new enforcement of (immigration) laws.”

Parents that are illegal are responsible for their children worrying – they have no one else to blame.  Maybe they should have thought about that before entering the country illegally and taking advantage of American taxpayers.  Of course, they object to new enforcement…..they will have to be held accountable for breaking the law.

 “The (US) economy will get bad if they take immigrants out.”

This is absolutely laughable.  For one thing, they are not immigrants; they are ILLEGAL immigrants.  If our country didn’t spend what it does on illegal immigrants, our economy would be the best it has ever been. 

 “ This economy serves the interest of the rich.”

No, the economy serves the interest of CITIZENS.  It’s not here to serve the interest of those fraudulently receiving benefits meant for citizens.

“We are here to disrupt justice.” – Mary Burkeshire, attendee.

Now that makes sense …. doesn’t it?  Can’t figure that one out at all.  It only makes sense if you are a Democrat intent on disrupting our current administration at all costs, no matter what harm such disruption inflicts on society and the common good.  

 “The Bible says to "welcome the stranger." – Bishop Braiser

Yes, and it also says to protect your families.  Oh yeah, what about Thou shalt not steal?  Thou shalt not lie?  Thou shalt not kill?  See Ten Commandments.

Martha Flores (Our Lady of the Sacred Heart) discussed the need to support  SB 54. (CA bill that would restrict local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities)And with that, dangerous criminals will fall through the cracks and be roaming our communities.  "SB 10" (waiver to allow individuals who are not eligible to obtain health coverage through the Health Care Exchange because of their immigration status.  Illegal immigrants already get free healthcare at the expense of taxpayers.  Do you think they will pay a small premium if they are already getting free health care?  For crying out loud. 

Another attendee giving testimony, Katia Ortiz, talked about how her parents taught her honesty and respect.  She said they came undocumented; they could not vote, could not get a license and taught her hard work.  She added they never hurt anybody and worked 50-60 hours a week. 

Honesty and respect?  Entering the country illegally and lying about their immigration status is not only dishonest but also disrespectful of the laws of the United States.  They could not vote or get a license?  Too bad.  If they had immigrated legally that would not have been a problem.  Never hurt anybody?  How about the taxpayers who pay high taxes because illegal immigrants fraudulently receive social services and free healthcare?  Worked 50-60 hours a week?  Yes, under the table and not paying taxes (unless they are using false identification - but that's illegal too).  And working under the table or with false identification hurts others because it denies citizens that job and takes away the ability to support their families. 

"All immigrants should be welcomed because in the past immigrants were welcomed."  Bishop Dwayne Royster, Political Director of the PICO National Network and the Senior Pastor/Founder Emeritus of the Living Water United Church.

Immigrants are welcome.  They come here legally.  They come with their sleeves rolled up, ready to work, not with their hand out expecting taxpayers to support them.

"1 in 3 African men will spend time in the state penitentiary.” - Bishop Terrell Fletcher, City of Hope International Church

Well, if they do the crime it’s appropriate.  It has nothing to do with race; it has to do with actions.  Maybe if all these liberal groups go into the inner cities and help build them up rather than promote riots, etc., the demographics would change. 

Last but not least – from Bishop McElroy:  “We are all children of one God.”

Did he convert the Imam?  I don’t think so.  Muslims do not worship the same God as Christians do, and they are taught to hate (and kill) non-believers.  Also, if we are all children of one God then aren’t we all supposed to follow His words  (don’t steal or lie)?

This whole event was a far-left farce.  Instead of using the common sense God gave them, church leaders and some misled citizens are doing just what the leftist, socialist, communist organizations want:  No accountability, no law enforcement, no faith (especially Catholic) and no morals.  A social free-for-all. 

A personal note:  A big thank you to those who stood up for the truth at this libfest no matter how outnumbered we were.  Also, thanks to those who shared their priceless insights and observations for this series.  God Bless You!!!!

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