Friday, April 21, 2017

Faith Not Fear Leaders: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing or Sheep Being Led to Slaughter? (Part One)

 In the Beginning
On April 19th, a “Faith Not Fear” Summit was held in San Diego    a fearfest about immigration, deportation, healthcare, etc., sponsored by The San Diego Organizing Project, an Alinskyan-style community organizing group that proudly claims association with the PICO National Network – who receive funding from no other than George Soros – a promoter of socialism.  Speakers included San Diego Roman Catholic diocese Bishop Robert McElroy, and several other Catholic priests, nuns, and laity.     

I met up with a small group of Christian, country-loving, law-abiding citizens to open the eyes of
the misled minions who light candles and sing Kumbaya with liberal faith leaders instead of seeing through those leaders’ smoke and mirrors.  The faith leaders I speak of came from a variety of churches, including a Muslim Imam, but the majority of minions attending were Catholic, and the event was held in a Catholic church in the middle of a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood.    

From the moment we arrived with signs addressing illegal immigration, sanctuary cities and truths about Islam, security from the church tried to block us from being on Church property – even when we told them we had tickets to the event and some of us were members of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego.   They also tried unsuccessfully to stop us from handing out flyers about Mohammad (that contains some of the information shown here), who Muslims are taught to emulate.  We were friendly, peaceful and respectful, but that didn’t stop the hateful rhetoric from being spewed in our direction, even though the event leaders claimed that one of their goals is to “disrupt hateful rhetoric.”  Even so-called tolerant and loving priests, a nun, and the Imam contradicted themselves by throwing daggers towards us with their eyes.   

Three television stations along with the local newspaper were on hand to cover the event (or should I say applaud it).  Several of us were interviewed, and I told two of the television reporters the reason we were there was to let Bishop McElroy and other faith leaders know we are upset that they are promoting lawlessness and misleading their flocks, and that our country needs to vet immigrants before entry for national security. I also wanted to know why President Obama was not vilified for banning entry of people from the same countries banned by President Trump, and asked why a Faith Not Fear Summit wasn’t held then?  Of course, my questions were not broadcast; the only statement broadcast was the need for vetting.  See the coverage here:  CBS, FOX, NBC.  The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper’s coverage was similarly one-sided – click HERE. 

We were significantly outnumbered, especially when the chartered buses (sponsored by SDOP), carrying dozens of parishioners, arrived– eight of us versus approximately 700.  None of us were discouraged.  In fact, as I watched and listened I grew disgusted – why?   

Catholic Church leaders should NOT: 

*Spark fear into the hearts and minds of faithful by claiming there will be mass deportations or incarcerations.  No such action has been called for.  

*Promote illegal immigration and sanctuary cities that threaten the security of citizens. 

*Support/reward illegal immigrants who are defrauding the government by accepting social services meant for citizens, overwhelming the system and paid for by law-abiding taxpayers.

*Call those of us who want a protected border and are against sanctuary cities racists or inhumane.  Nor should they call arresting illegal immigrants (for crimes committed) racial profiling.

*Stand side-by-side with a Muslim Imam whose religion commands Muslims not to befriend those outside their faith and to be ruthless towards unbelievers (Quran 48:29, 3:28, Sharia) let alone allow the mistreatment of wives (Quran 4:34, Sahih Muslim 2127). 

*Accept any assistance from organizations that support socialism and receive funding from George Soros who, since 2000,  has given Planned Parenthood more than $21 million and $3 million to the Center for Reproductive Rights.  Other Soros-funded groups include the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Catholics for Choice, Equality Now, NARAL, the National Abortion Federation, the Human Rights Campaign, and Amnesty International.

Stay Tuned for “The Inside Story” …..

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