Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I first received a bulletin announcement from a parish in the San Diego Diocese that in part said about an upcoming event … "Faith Not Fear"  The Vision of this Event: To form a united, mobilized, inspired group of leaders from our local faith communities that will work in partnership to protect each other and secure justice for everyone. The Purpose of this Event: The main purpose of the event is to obtain commitments from people to encourage them to join in efforts of forming solidarity teams that will respond to ICE raids; stand against instances of hate; and to resist moves to return to “tough on crime” and “stop and frisk” policing policies.  Attendees will be commissioned to form teams and receive follow-up training.”  Then I read following seminar information that was sent to me from the Diocese of San Diego, and my anger grew:

"We will commit to work together and take action to build power and harness our faith to:
• Save our healthcare  • Support families affected by mass deportation and build a rapid response system
• Reform systemic injustices of mass incarceration   • Embrace all people by opposing the Muslim ban and religious intolerance

On April 19, put your faith in action with Bishop Robert McElroy and local faith leaders, including:  • Bishop George Dallas McKinney • Bishop Terrell Fletcher • Bishop Mathes • Imam Taha Hassane  • Rev. Kathleen Owens • Rabbi Devorah Marcus"

With all due respect to church leaders, especially Bishop McElroy, when will they get their liberal
heads out of the sand and realize what they are doing to the law-abiding, taxpaying parishioners who support law and order and protecting our families and country?  We are having liberal beliefs rammed down our throats, even when those beliefs are without merit and serve only as a way to undermine the safety and security of the United States, bankrupt our social services and turn our country into a Socialist, lawless nation.   

How can religious leaders advertise an event that misleads the public?    “Mass deportations”, “mass incarcerations” and “Muslim ban”?  There have not been any mass deportations and none have been called for - nor have there been any mass incarcerations.  And, then the Muslim ban.  Give me a break, the countries that are on the ban list are those who have terrorist ties.  Obama had the same list during his administration and never once was there a “Faith Not Fear” seminar. 

How can religious leaders, in good conscience, comfort the thousands of families who have lost loved ones killed by illegal immigrants or by the drugs they bring across the border while supporting sanctuary cities that protect those same criminals?   

How can religious leaders comfort citizen parishioners who cannot support their families because they can’t find even low wage jobs – those taken by illegal immigrants who are willing to defraud the government by working under the table. 

How can religious leaders expect citizen parishioners to follow the law of the land yet expect our tax dollars to support those who do not?   Illegal immigrants fraudulently acquire social services such as food stamps, welfare and free medical … all while some continue disrespecting our flag and refusing to assimilate.  Think about it – if citizens are caught defrauding social programs they are fined and/or jailed for fraud.  If citizens don’t pay taxes or get caught working under the table, they are fined and/or jailed. 

How can religious leaders say thoroughly vetting immigrants/refugees before entry into our country is wrong?  Does that mean parents shouldn’t be allowed to vet babysitters and daycare centers or employers potential employees?  Even churches vet those who work with children.  What’s the difference?  It’s all for protection, correct? 

How can religious leaders criticize law enforcement for being tough on crime?  Isn’t that what they are sworn to do? I guess it shouldn't surprise me - they are no longer tough on sin.  Illegal immigration is stealing and lying - fraudulently receiving services meant for others, yet they condone it.

To those involved:  Before holding that meeting, you might want to consider the consequences.  The more you promote lawlessness and liberalism the more you will lose faithful, law-abiding citizens in the pews.  We do not hate immigrants, refugees or even illegal immigrants … we just want to make sure those who enter our country are not a threat, those who are here and a threat removed, and those who are fraudulently receiving benefits caught and penalized. 

One more question:  Is the money churches receive for refugee resettlement more important than the security of our nation and its citizens?

Some Interesting and Eye Opening Statistics

                                                                   Most recent study:



There are currently approximately 2.1 million legal or illegal immigrants with criminal convictions living free or behind bars in the U.S., according to ICE's Secure Communities office. Each year, about 900,000 legal and illegal immigrants are arrested, and 700,000 are released from jail, prison, or probation. ICE estimates that there are more than 1.2 million criminal aliens at large in the U.S.

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