Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Faith Not Fear Leaders: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing or Sheep Being Led to Slaughter? (Part Two - On the Inside)

The attitude towards our peaceful protest at the “Faith Not Fear” summit was enough to prove how contradictory the liberal faith leaders can be.  Bishop McElroy and others not only glared at us but refused to listen to what we had to say.  Church representatives tried to block us from being on public property and handing out much needed, truthful information regarding Islam.  When we tried to enter the church to attend the actual event, we were denied entrance with our signs – while those carrying “Faith Not Fear” signs were allowed in.  It was painfully apparent alternative views were not allowed because the truth would neutralize the fear and hate towards our citizens, law enforcement and government this event was organized to create. 

The San Diego Organizing Project (SDOP) pulled out all stops with the folder of information provided to attendees.  Inside the folder was nothing but liberal fear-mongering and misleading propaganda.

As stated earlier, there is not a MUSLIM BAN.  It’s a ban on people that cannot be properly vetted and from countries that have terrorist ties.  There have been no MASS DEPORTATIONS or MASS INCERCERATIONS – and none have been called for.  As for RACISM and RACIAL PROFILING – since when is arresting criminals racist or considered racial profiling?  Should people of color automatically be given a pass because of their race?  What about HEALTH CARE?  Citizens should have access to quality health care and those who cannot afford it should be able to get assistance; however, those who have entered here illegally don’t need access to healthcare, they already receive all services FREE at the expense of hard-working, tax-paying citizens.  Additionally, redeeming Obamacare as written goes against Catholic teachings and SDOP, affiliated with PICO, is most definitely pro-abortion.   
First off, these people are not undocumented; they are illegal aliens.  They enter our country with the full intent of breaking the law, getting false identification to access all the programs available for citizens.  They are slapping the faces of all immigrants who entered her legally and have become law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.  Granted, some who enter here illegally are not criminals, but how do we know?  They are not vetted at all, and it is a known fact many are criminals in their own countries and come here to sell drugs and commit other crimes as well.  
*What matters is that there cannot be safe neighborhoods and collaborative relationships between our communities and police if organizations and churches leaders are doing all they can to interfere with the law.  *Our criminal justice system does not disproportionally imprison people of color.  Regardless of race, if you do the crime, you do the time.  Is law enforcement supposed to have a “quota” of how many people of color can be arrested so as not to look racist?  Give me a break. *I am all for quality education for all students and before and after-school programs but not when the education system picks and chooses what part of history to teach (or manipulates the truth of history) and indoctrinates children with liberal and socialistic idealism.  *Income equality?  If that means equality for those with the same qualifications – yes, but not the same wage for a less qualified person because of gender or race.  *Living wage to provide for our families?  Yes – but thanks to the cost to taxpayers due to illegal immigration, American families are struggling because of rising taxes.  *Affordable housing, homelessness and protecting tenants’ rights?  Yes- for those living in our country legally.  Why should those violating the law be afforded the same rights as citizens?  *Quality, lowcost healthcare is a right for all citizens.  Illegal immigrants crowd our clinics and emergency rooms receiving free care, and that cost is passed on to citizens by way of higher medical costs and insurance premiums.  Also, a basic human right is the right to LIFE, but as said earlier, Obamacare as written goes against Catholic teachings and the organization sponsoring this event is tied to those promoting abortion. *Legal permanent residency?  NO!  Why should those who are fraudulently participating in our so-called shared prosperity get rewarded?  The only way they should be given legal residency is if they are required to pay back every dime they stole from the taxpayers.