Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Political Correctness: Pillars of Socialism

Thanks to political correctness, certain terms have been high-jacked to strengthen and advance a socialist agenda.  Words such as tolerance, equality, and diversity are now battle cries for a socialist society.

The definition of tolerance is “a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs, and practices that differ from one's own.”  It is evident today the definition has changed.  The only way to be tolerant, according to liberals, is to accept everything they say and if not, expect riots, demonstrations, threats, and physical/verbal personal attacks. Liberals utilize what they claim are first amendment rights (except for the riots, threats, attacks) yet deny those same rights to anyone with opposing views.  A recent case in point:  Conservative speaker Ann Coulter’s canceled appearance at UC Berkeley due to threats of demonstrations and possible violence from leftist students.  Denying anyone the right to share an alternative viewpoint (and in Ms. Coulter’s case, the TRUTH), is akin to censorship which is one of the pillars of Socialism.

Let’s move on to equality.  The preamble to the Constitution states that “All men are created equal.”  Yes, we are all created equal, but through circumstance, our paths are not.  In this day and age, contrary to the liberal rhetoric, we all have the same opportunities.  It’s what we do with those opportunities that determine our station in life.  The left believes all paths should converge and wealth redistributed regardless if those less fortunate ended up in that position due to squandered opportunities and bad choices.  Sadly, liberal logic also calls for punishing the successful by taxing them to the max.  Why?  I wonder if it has anything to do with all the government freebies (healthcare, food stamps, welfare, cell-phones, birth control, abortion) paid for by those same taxes. Guess what?  Redistribution of wealth and government dependence are also pillars of Socialism.

Diversity is what makes our country great, or at least it did.  We used to celebrate the presence of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures within our borders, but now diversity has taken an immoral and illegal turn by including homosexuality and “undocumented” immigrants. People of faith are taught to love their neighbors, and we do.  That doesn’t mean we should be forced to abandon our beliefs and values by accepting and celebrating behavior that goes against God’s teachings and the law, yet that’s the way it is today. 

Following our faith and defending the sanctity of marriage now results in civil action. Remember the cake?  A baker refused to bake one for a gay wedding because it went against his religious beliefs.  Instead of the couple respecting the baker’s faith and going elsewhere, they decided to sue, thus putting the baker out of business (reverse diversity?) Speaking out against behavior that is contrary to God’s word is not only unacceptable but also prosecutable.  

We are also expected to accept illegal immigrants into our diverse society.  It doesn’t matter that we have no idea of their background.  Granted, not all illegal immigrants are dangerous criminals (they are breaking the law, however) but how many murderers, drug dealers and child molesters have crossed the same border?  Without vetting, we have no idea.  So, thanks to the liberal lawmakers, law enforcement and ICE officials can’t enforce immigration law and protect communities.  Additionally, there are inadequate (or ignored) controls for handing out welfare checks and food stamps and hardworking citizens pay for it all through their hard-earned tax dollars. In regards to taxes, while citizens struggle with taxes every year, illegals are able to claim a $1,000 tax credit per child WITHOUT a Social Security number and get federal money?  And if that's not bad enough, IRS encourages illegals to use fraudulent Social Security numbers to file taxes, and rest assured their are millions lost in fraudulent refunds as well. 

If liberals have it their way, we will all be forced to live in an immoral and valueless society with no respect for law and order.   Of course, they don’t see it that way.  Through their rose-colored glasses, they see one big, government controlled, happy family.  Hence, another pillar of socialism.

Is that really how you want to live?


  1. You pretty well identified what needs to be said. What I noticed many years ago about liberals is that they will focus attention on any specific detail that they can twist or present as supporting the action they want while ignoring everything that that is harmful or undesirable about their proposal. And they will take the totally opposite position later if what they promoted today turns out to have been usable against them in regard to some other act.

    Note that every government law or regulation always reduces our freedom of choice and frequently also adds cost to products and services. Laws and regulations are never free. Thus any reasonable law must provide a net increase in freedom or provide a benefit that has greater value than the freedom lost or the cost increase of compliance.

    (Note: an example of a law that gives an increase in net freedom is the law requiring drivers to drive on only one side of a street.)

    James Harris