Friday, June 23, 2017

Liberal Leaders - Your Silence is Deafening

Founding Father John Dickenson’s Liberty Song included the following lyric, “By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.”  One can only imagine his reaction if alive today.

The reprehensible attack on Rep. Steve Scalise could have been the perfect catalyst to unite our country.  It could have put an end to the left’s histrionic, hateful and misleading rhetoric.  It should have been a moment of clarity for them and for mainstream media that their words provoked not just the assassination attempt but also calls for the assassination of President Trump, violent protests and threats on the lives of others who do not agree with the liberal agenda. The day of the assassination attempt was a “Kumbaya Moment” for some of the left but ended the day after – in fact, mainstream media returned promptly to their unprovoked and undeserving assault on the administration without skipping a beat. 

The left is out of control and out of their minds.  The leaders of the Democratic party offered some words of consolation to Rep. Scalise and the other victims, but not out of sincere concern but because they wanted to look innocent.  The day after the attack they even had the audacity to blame the Republicans.  Yeah, right. And what does one Democratic official say?  “I’m glad he got shot.”   

Violence towards Republicans has been growing since President Trump’s election.  Why is that?  Because of the false narrative and fear-mongering from the leaders of the left and liberal media.  Statements regarding the forthcoming healthcare bill are a prime example: “Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they're the death party.” (Hillary Clinton), “People will die.” (Elizabeth Warren), “This change would devastate 14 million Californians who are covered by Medicaid—children, pregnant women, working families, the elderly and people with disabilities.” (Dianne Feinstein).  Then when violence erupts based on these histrionic statements leaders of the left consistently remain silent, including former Presidents (Obama, Bush, Clinton).  They didn’t call for calm after the election, in fact, some liberal leaders participated in demonstrations.  They didn’t condemn the Hollyweird community for promoting violence against the administration, Kathy Griffin when she held President Trump’s decapitated head in that morbid photo or the most recent call for President Trump’s assassination made by Johnny Depp. 

The leaders of the left know exactly what they are doing.  They want to disrupt the current administration by any means.  Their words are intended to incite violence and their deafening silence after each attack, riot or threat proves it.  But guess what?  IT’S NOT WORKING.  They are only making themselves less palatable to voters in the upcoming midterm elections and beyond.  


  1. I couldn't agree more. The fact is, the Democratic party is no longer acting as the traditional democratic party once did. This new party (progressive) has acted as if violence, tantrums and and shaming others are all part of "freedom of self expression".