Saturday, August 12, 2017

Catholic Politician Sells Soul to NARAL with AB 569

An open letter to 
Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher

     As Catholic women, we are appalled at AB 569 which you authored with the support of NARAL while claiming to be a "very religious Catholic". This bill targets organizations trying to follow the teachings of Jesus regarding sexual behavior and the value of the unborn. 
     Any religious organization should have the right to practice their faith and have the right under religious freedom to demand standards that would best reflect them and their beliefs. This includes parochial schools.  Administration should be able to expect specific moral standards, and those wishing to be employed should be willing to comply.  Students within these schools are taught morality and values, and teachers and support staff should be required to set the example.  It is not a “do as I say, not as I do.”
     The very reason we have freedom of religion included in the First Amendment is to protect beliefs that may be unpopular or that the majority finds offensive or old fashioned. Therefore, how can any state dictate standards and practices within religious organizations that violate those beliefs?
     You also need to realize your friends, NARAL and their partner in crime, Planned Parenthood, fraudulently promote “reproductive health” when, in fact, it’s more like a prescription for immorality.  Why? Because the birth control they provide to teenagers and young adults doesn’t work.  These kids are not responsible enough to remember to take a pill, so they get pregnant and then go right back to the same clinic to abort their baby because they are led to believe there are no other options nor are they aware of the health complications of abortions these clinics refuse to share.  And guess what?  Many of those clinics are in the poor, Hispanic and Black neighborhoods.  Look up the word “eugenics.” 
     You need to be aware that your friends at Planned Parenthood promote teaching transgenderism to preschoolers, promote promiscuity in their so-called sex education classes and have no problem advising young people to keep secrets from parents.  Do you want your preschooler to be taught genitalia doesn’t necessarily mean you are a boy or girl?  Do you want your children to be taught premarital sex is acceptable regardless what you, as a parent thinks, or the teachings of your church?  Do you want your teenage daughter to be referred to a Planned Parenthood for birth control or an abortion without your knowledge? 
     You need to be aware Planned Parenthood hides the truth of what abortion is and does.  They don’t care about the health of the mother at all.  If they did, they would be providing mammograms and prenatal care. They wouldn’t try to hide ambulances that arrive after botched abortions.  They wouldn’t send a scared young woman home ALONE after taking the abortion pill thus having her see the baby in the toilet, in her bed or on the kitchen floor. They wouldn’t hide the fact abortion is tied to breast cancer, pregnancy complications, sterility, depression and substance abuse. They would be promoting responsible behavior rather than providing birth control that can cause health problems and pregnancy problems down the road.   
     As a Catholic and a representative of the people of California you should do what is consistent with the tenets of your faith, what is best for your constituents (including those in the womb), and protect religious freedom by changing your position on AB 569.  Be an example of the Catholic values for which you claim to subscribe, not those of your political contributors.  Buy back the soul you sold to the highest bidder. 

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