Monday, June 5, 2017

Sorry Liberals - No More Kumbaya

Ramadan is in full swing and the body count is rising.  The attacks will continue in Europe and the United States and Canada are not immune.  Why?  Because of the left's demands for "political correctness,"  people are afraid to report anything suspicious for fear of being called racist.  Because of the left's pandering of the Muslim communities refusing to assimilate.  Because thanks to liberal judges, our borders are not secure and we can't control who enters our country.   
Terrorists are not afraid.   Why should they be?  Liberals put out the red carpet because they are deaf and blind when it comes to radical Islam. They can’t hear the truth through their choruses of “Kumbaya” or chants of “Co-Exist”.  They can’t see the carnage through their pretty rose-colored glasses.  The liberals keep saying Islam is a religion of peace – really?  Granted, not all Muslims are terrorists but guess what?  All the terrorists are Muslim.   Click HERE. 
Why can’t the left see our country, just like Europe, is being infiltrated with this murderous scum.  Yes, some are citizens that converted to Islam and radicalized, BUT, the rest sneak across our borders, enter as refugees, or fly in on temporary visas and never leave. 
We need a fence and more border security.  Until a system is developed that can fully vet everyone from outside our country we need to discontinue immigration altogether, and definitely ban travel from countries that have ties to radical Islam. 
We do care about those who need help, and help can be provided by other means.  Our family, friends and neighbors should not have to be exposed to danger because of some liberal ideology that love conquers all.  That’s not how the world is today so get over it. 


  1. And again we hear the mantra calling for more cooperation and coordination with the Muslim communities...They have had 16 years to counter "radicalization" in their midst and have either failed miserably or haven't been trying at all (I lean toward the later). What they have been doing - through the media, educational institutions and interfaith dialogues - is to castigate US for our "irrational" fears, our phobia of Muslims and Islam. This is an organized and concerted effort to disarm us, to lull us to sleep in the face of their civilizational jihad.