Saturday, September 2, 2017

Southern Poverty Law Center - Pointing Fingers the Wrong Way

The SPLC was way off base designating the Ruth Institute as a hate group.  How can an organization that encourages Christian living, family cohesiveness and morality be considered hateful? Because of that designation, their donation processing service, Vanco, dropped them without advance notice even though the service didn’t drop all their other Christian customers.

Did you know Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute, penned four books?  If the SPLC has their way, her books will be deemed manuals of hate and protests will erupt demanding their removal from libraries and bookstores.   

Guess it's hateful if you are selective in who you marry or make love to?

God forbid we teach responsibility to our children or want a happier marriage. 

The SPLC points fingers of hate coast to coast towards many other Christian organizations, such as the Virginia Christian Alliance, whose mission is “to promote moral, social and scientific issues we face today from a Biblical point of view."  And, "...refute and oppose, not with hate, but with facts and humor, the secular cultural abuses that have overridden laws and standards of conduct of the past.”  Be afraid, people, be very afraid.  We don’t want a Biblical point of view interfering with the continued leftist-guided downfall of society.  

And why the absence of Black Lives Matter and Antifa on the list.  If you get right down to it, where is Planned Parenthood?  It’s obvious they hate babies, especially babies of color – why else would they be putting their abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods?  Dan Wolf of the Virginia Christian Alliance said it perfectly, “We are truly defined by the actions we take, and taking no action is in itself an action. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s inaction defines who they really are and where they stand; with the fascists, communists, socialists, progressives, and others who seek division, envy, and hate.”

The more we think about it, SPLC should be on top of their own list….. They are the ones that arbitrarily decide haters – and because the misled leftist minions consider the SPLC as experts in hate, act accordingly without batting an eye - condemning organizations that do wonderful things for our communities.  

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