Thursday, January 12, 2017


In the A&E series, “Scientology- and the Aftermath,” Claire Headley, a former member, revealed she was forced into having an abortion because she was in a division of Scientology that forbade children.  “If a woman got pregnant, she would instantly be scheduled to get an abortion.”  She explained that this was because getting pregnant while a member of the Sea Organization was tantamount to wanting to leave.  She also revealed she knew women who had “up to six” abortions.   Through her tears, she spoke of regret for acquiescing to their demands, and I can relate in some respects.

I had two abortions in my younger years.  The first one was my decision - out of fear my parents would find out, and concern my upward mobility in the federal government would stall.   A few years later I got pregnant again.  Settled into my career, I felt I could handle being a single parent and that my parents would understand.  They advised me to abort, worrying my being an unwed mother would tarnish the family’s reputation.  Fearing the loss of their love and support, I complied.  In retrospect, I know my parents would never have abandoned me if I had held my ground.  I was probably not as ready as I thought and used them to justify my actions. 
At the time, I didn't believe I was aborting a child, neither did my parents.  We bought in to the pro-choice rhetoric of it not being a real baby so early on – that it was just “tissue.”  Consciously, my buying into that rhetoric worked, but subconsciously the guilt and regret grew, suppressed for over two decades by promiscuity and the abuse of alcohol with devastating results: becoming suicidal and institutionalized.  My parents suffered as well, and it took until they were in their 80’s to talk about it and share their remorse, realizing the "tissue" they encouraged me to abort was not only a child, but their grandchild. 
The difference between my story and Claire’s is that my fears, however real they felt, were unfounded.  She faced isolation from her spouse, other family members and the group as a whole, along with forced manual labor had she not followed their demands.  She had seen it happen to other women.  During the interview, she said,  “Inside, I’m dying. It’s like, my worst fear come true.  I have three beautiful children (born after she and her husband escaped) who are my life, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with it.”  The other difference is that I, along with my parents, mistakenly justified the abortions by the pro-choice rhetoric … Scientology doesn’t provide any justification whatsoever.  It’s all about manipulation and control of emotionally vulnerable, frightened women. 
I am grateful Claire was able to escape and now able to hopefully heal from her experience. I understand the predicament she was in and can only imagine the helplessness she felt.  Scientology pushed her into a corner… she had no choice.  My heart breaks for her and for all who have been and are still being victimized.
AND, what about the women still behind the razor-wired confines at the Gold Base in Hemet, CA -- those who have had abortions that are suffering in silence?   If they express regret to their fellow members, they will be considered blasphemers, questioning the church leadership, thus relegated to God knows what type of punishment.  What about those who are pregnant, experiencing the consequences Claire faced? 
Scientology is not a church but a cult of control.  It has no concern for the emotional well-being of its followers whatsoever.  You follow the rules or else. It not only doesn’t want to save mankind as it advertises but further promotes the culture of death. 
For those who have left the “church,” struggling with the emotional, spiritual and physical devastation of forced abortion (women and men) – there are healing programs that provide hope and healing.  Go to , or for resources or a program near you.
For all others reading this post, watch “Scientology – and the Aftermath,” and see for yourself.  I’m sure you will be shocked and appalled.  Then you have a choice.  You can remain silent or share the outrage.  Contact your legislators and ask for an investigation into Scientology and their reported human rights violations as well as their IRS tax-exempt status as a "church".   

Note:  The Church of Scientology disputes the claims against them and their letters to A&E are available here


  1. Scientology has nothing to do with making the world a better place. Selfishness, greed, violence, control, lying, deception, splitting families, none of these things are conducive to make a better life for an individual or for the earth as a whole. I am amazed that people actually stay in this cult once they realize just how divisive it really is. They are weak minded, gullible, easy prone to stupidity and control. Grow some balls. Get the h*ll outta there.

    1. Members of Scientology, especially those born into it, are indoctrinated like in other cults. Those who want to leave sometimes don't because they will be disconnected from their family and friends and the only life (as miserable as it might be)they have ever known. Even those who have escaped have lost parents, siblings and children as well as faced harassment and public humiliation if they say anything derogatory at all about "the church". It's not a matter of being weak minded, etc., it's a matter of how you were raised, and keep in mind, the leaders of this cult (like many others) are experts at control and manipulation.