Monday, January 30, 2017

BREAKING!!! The Most Vulnerable Already Banned Entry

Liberals are protesting President Trump’s recent executive order postponing entry into the United States of people from seven countries identified by the Obama administration as risks to national security.  The countries currently included in the ban do have Muslims, but other countries have a higher population and are not on the list. The ban is based on areas with known terror ties, not religion. 
“We the People” are once again being erroneously branded with descriptors such as heartless, un-Christian, cruel, etc., and once again Hollyweird is getting on the bandwagon, even though no one has seen them open the doors to their mansions.  (Let us not forget, Mr. George Clooney was upset a refugee camp was just outside his villa in Italy.  He should have been thrilled and allowed them to camp on his lawn, don’t you think?) 
President Trump is doing what he swore an oath to do – protect the citizens of this country, just as previous Presidents have done – Democrat and Republican.  The anger is coming not because of a Muslim ban reported in fictional lamestream media stories, but from the same snowflakes that are continuing their temper tantrum over President Trump’s election.  What comes next will be more hot chocolate, play dough and college students missing classes due to trauma. 
Do you know where the anger should be focused?  Planned Parenthood’s ban on babies - the most marginalized citizens within our own borders.  3,000 babies are ripped from the womb and callously dismembered each and every day.

Hey, libs ... you cry out BIGOTRY?  Nothing cries out bigotry more than the 14,500,000 black babies aborted since 1973.  Minority women constitute only about 13% of the female population (age 15-44) and account for approximately 36% of the abortions because Planned Parenthood strategically locates their clinics in minority neighborhoods. 
Instead of ranting and raving over President Trump’s temporary ban on people entering our country, remember that CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.  It’s time to hold Planned Parenthood and all abortion mills accountable for the permanent ban they instituted on the unborn and end it's mission of death and dismemberment. 

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