Thursday, February 9, 2017

Slime is Obstructing Confirmations

With the election of President Trump, our country is heading in a positive direction.  His election also provides a plethora of blog post topics thanks to the childish and divisive behavior of the Democrats.   

The complete cabinet should have been sworn in by now.  Obama’s cabinet picks sailed through but thanks to the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, and Maxine Waters,  confirmations are dragging.  These delays are unprofessional, unpatriotic, attention-seeking tirades from crybabies who still cannot believe their beloved Hillary lost.  They refuse to “man-up,” respect the election results and support the newly elected President by confirming his team along with his Supreme Court nomination.   

Of course, their followers … the leftist, zombie, mostly non-voting, unemployed koolaid drinkers are just as childish and dispicible.  Along with engaging in riots (or for the faint of heart snowflakes -  cowering in corners with sippy cups of hot chocolate), they recently attacked black Senator Tim Scott for supporting Senator Sessions as Attorney General by tweeting racial epithets.  This is tolerance?  Which party is racist?   

Delaying confirmations hurts our country.  It impedes the progress President Trump promised for all Americans.  Elizabeth Warren and her cronies aren’t doing any of this for the benefit of citizens, it’s out of spite and to boost their political bankrolls for the next election cycle.  Their lack of respect for the President and the American political process is contemptable.   They are the slime in the swamp that will hopefully be removed come reelection time. 

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