Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Russians are Coming??????

After browsing the web today, I feel as if I’m living back in the 60’s when everyone was fearful of the Russians.  Give me a break.  The Russians did not, I repeat, did not rig this election.  For those cowering in corners in their “safe place” and wringing their hands with stress-relieving playdough GET OVER IT.  The election is over, and the country is going in a new, positive direction.  

It’s Obama’s fault (as well as Hillary’s and other liberals/socialists) the election went the way it did.  We the People are tired of politics as usual where special interests are more important than the people.  We the People are tired of the government handouts (paid by working taxpayers) that made unemployment more attractive than working; tired of a healthcare program that turned out to be a lie and a historic failure; tired of those in our country illegally getting better treatment than our senior citizens and veterans; tired of refugees being allowed entry into our country without proper vetting and also taking much needed funds from our senior citizens and veterans; tired of everyone’s rights being protected except conservative Christians and the unborn; tired of conservative beliefs considered racist, etc., and free speech limited to liberal rhetoric only. 

So quit blaming the Russians.  Blame We the People.  We wanted our country back, and we got it.  Adult-up, crawl out of your corner, put down the playdough and enjoy the next four years and hopefully eight. 

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